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I don't post much because I can't think of much to post about, though if I stop and think about it there's things to talk about. 

On Saturday, we have friends over for a grillin' night, as [ profile] ajb47 felt inclined to try three different chicken marinade recipes, all of which turned out quite yummy.  The chicken in mojito marinade, with the mint spread, was especially yummy.  As was the one with the mango watermelon salsa, even if the mango was a pain in the ass to pit.

Sunday, after many promises to the kids, we dragged out the Intex inflatable pool (10ft diameter, 30" high).  We had to scrub it quite a bit before inflating the top and starting to fill it.  AJ had to run out to get a clean filter, and returned only to find that the inflatable top had numerous pinholes in it.  So out again to Toys 'R Us to get a new one (12 ft diameter, 36").  He and the kids got to enjoy it, though the water coming from the hose was very very cold.  Poor Evan nearly shivered himself to death.  And then it has rained all week, so they haven't gotten to enjoy it much since.

Abigail's kindergarten "celebration" (they don't call it a graduation) was Tuesday night.  The three kindergarten classes sang songs ([ profile] ajb47 captured it on the Flip Mino HD), there was a photo DVD presentation put together by one teacher, Mr. Sweeney (who takes great photographs), and then punch and cookies.  Lots and lots of cookies, brought by the families of the 60+ kindergarten students to be enjoyed by the students, their siblings, and their parents.  And afterwards, 60+ kindergartners and their siblings running around hopped up on sugar.

Last night, we had a lovely lovely time with, among others, [ profile] ratphooey , her hubby, and the One, The Only, Pop Phooey.   Our firm is a sponsor of the Walnut Street Theatre, which brings with it 5 nights during the season where someone at the firm can invite 9 folks to a private dinner and then enjoy the show (last night, The Producers) in a private box.  It sounds fancier than it was -- the Walnut is an old theatre and not plush.  The dinner was in a room probably used mostly for meetings, with the bartender and the caterer using folding tables.  And the "box" looks like a storage area with a coatrack.   But the food was great, the posters of past shows were terrific decorations, the service was wonderful, the view of the stage was good, and the performance was fantastic.  (You were greatly missed, [ profile] sconstant , and I'll have to try to see whether I can score a similar night for the next season.)

And to end things on an end note ...  the son seems to have overcome the fear of pooping in the toilet.  Now, he needs to work on the effective and thorough wiping part.  Just thought I'd leave you with that pleasant image...

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